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How much will it cost to clean my house?

Since every house is unique, we base our pricing on factors like the size of your home, number of residents, number of pets, number of bathrooms, how often you want us to clean, clutter, surfaces of countertops and floors, etc. You can be assured that we are providing you with a great house cleaning value. Our estimates are competitive, and our goal is to charge a fair price.

Do you provide MAID SERVICES ESTIMATES over the Phone?

Yes! Based on information you provide us, we can give you an accurate estimate if all the questions are answered correctly. Ex.: number of rooms, number of bathrooms, square footage, etc

Will all house cleaning visits cost the same amount?

The first house cleaning visit could costs more than subsequent visits. we give to all first clients a discount for the first cleaning, ask for discount. at this initial visit our cleaning assistants take additional cleaning steps to get the home up to our high standards. Once this initial visit has occurred, your home's cleanliness can be easily maintained with our regular visit cleanings, and these regular visits are charged as a flat fee. You will receive an estimate for both for the initial cleaning and the regular house cleanings up front.

getting a free cleaning

We are proud to say that the majority of our customers referral us to their friends. we do appreciate our clients and we do offer a  free cleaning for every new client that you bring to us. your free cleaning will be schedule after we do your friend's initial cleaning.

Will you send the same team each time?

Yes, we will send the same ladies each time. Sending the same ladies each time will help them to become familiar with the customer needs. monthly houses needs to request the same team

Why should I trust great choice Cleaning with my home/office?

we understand the importance of having an excellent relationship with our clients, and we work hard to build a long-lasting partnership with you.  We screen our staff carefully, we train meticulously, and we inspect relentlessly. We are both licensed and insured.

How do I get ready or prepare for the cleaning?

Make sure you inform us of any pet instructions, keys, alarms or other specifics about your household/office. Clutter is the #1 thing that slows us down, so we ask for it to be as picked up as possible in order for us to focus on cleaning your house.


What If I Need to Reschedule a House Cleaning?

Simply call (804)357-6068 at least 24 hours prior to your cleaning visit. Our cancelation policy is: You may cancel or reschedule a cleaning visit 24 hours prior to the visit at no charge. If cancellation occurs less than 24 hours prior to the visit date, you will incur a cancellation fee of $25. We understand emergencies happen, so we won't charge this fee in case these emergencies happen.

Do I need to be home when you arrive? What about a key?

You don’t need to be home when we clean. For convenience, most clients provide us with a key. You can leave a key for us at the initial cleaning. We take the security of our client’s keys very seriously. Clients who use a security alarm typically assign us our own unique security code. For apartment and condominium complexes, we generally register at the front desk and sign out a key.



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